Sunday, December 19, 2010

Emily's Challenge, and one of my own!

Ok so Emily posted a challenge on her blog, Bombshell Ems', and this is my card. I am doing the 12 days of Christmas for my husband and today is day #6. In Emily's challenge she said to either make your own animal print (um, wow that's harder than it sounds!) or use a neon or bright color. So I went with the latter... I used a neon green top note that my cousin Lena sent me (yup Pal, I still have a stack of 'em)!

The brightness of the green doesn't really come out in the pic, dang blackberry cameras! hahah but it's pretty stinking bright. Anyways, all this challenge business from Emily got me thinking... maybe I could post a challenge in response. And maybe, just maybe, between Lena, Emily and I would could do a challenge each week!!! I hope that you are game girls!!! Anyone else who wants to join in can feel free to do so also! Anyways... my challenge is this:
Use a big and a small of the same shape. You can see what I did here... the top note is the big, and the "curly labels" pinch is the small. It's a mini top note! hahaha Anyways... you can use any shape, just make sure your card has at least one big one and one small one! Have fun!!!
Ok, I think my little guy is awake now, so I better go and get some breakfast cookin', can't wait to see your cards Lena and Emily! Have a great holiday week! Oh and one more thing before I go...

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Thinspiration Thursday

Well, I did weigh on Fat Tuesday<>>> I weighed this morning and I'm back to 142. It's amazing what a 4 mile walk and 10 minutes on a rowing machine can do for you.... ummm...about 2 lbs! hahahaha I feel a little better. but my BMI still reads that I'm 25.27...meaning I'm just on that cusp of being "normal" and "overweight" according to my wii. So... until I can get to "normal" I'm totally unhappy. No only did the little dude grunt at me today he says "thanks overweight" when the scale registers my weight.... JERK! If that TV wasn't so damned expensive I'd put my fist through it to ring your little neck!!!!! I wonder if I can ever make that little elf happy???? Guess all I can do is keep trying. I got invited to play volleyball at the rec center on Saturday, Maybe I'll partake....hummm.......

Good luck with your Thursday weigh ins girls!!!!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

...and the Who's will all cry "boo whoooo!"

I swear the Grinch has been sabotaging my wii!!! So the batteries got low and I had to put new ones in, then I had to re-sync it to the console...then when I stepped on the stupid thing it said that I have gained weight!!!! You're a mean one, Mr. Grinch, you're a nasty wasty skunk!

So I am posting on Wednesday instead of Tuesday because I thought maybe if I weighed today I could not have to believe in what the scale said yesterday....eeerrrttt!!!! WRONG!!! It's worse today! Long story short, I've gained 3 lbs!!! 3!!!!! Yeah, that sucks!!! So I'm back to 143.... and I'm angry! On Monday I walked 3 miles and ran 1 and rode the bike for 30 minutes... yesterday i walked a mile and a half! today is another 2 hour day at the gym and I'm so discouraged that I wanna just sit at the vending machines and snack for 2 hours! Why not right?

Santy Claus why? Why are you stealing my weight loss thunder? Why?

My husband claims I could be retaining water for some reason... Lacey says I'm just gaining muscle! Sorry guys, but ppppuuuttttttttthhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! I wanna LOSE some lbs not make excuses.... maybe I need to re-examine my diet again... I made a vegetarian chili and that is what I've been eating for the past few days.... I thought just beans and veggies with some chili powder and garlic would be good for a person, maybe I was wrong! hahahah I don't know... I'm just discouraged... I'm going to drink my coffee, eat a granola bar and ponder what I'm going to try and accomplish at the gym today. Ho-hum......

Mixing it up

Hello all, there have been a lot of changes happening in my world, and thus, I haven't been blogging a bunch.  But i wanted to share wit...