Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Fat Tuesday is here again.

I was dreading the scale today... after a week of not working out and then Thanksgiving on top of that.... I was sure I had gained my 10 pounds back, and then some. I ate almost an entire pumpkin roll all by myself!!! (pumpkin bread filled with a sugary cream cheese filling and rolled in walnuts and topped with powdered sugar, oh man it's good) Plus we had taco night two nights ago and hello...SOMEONE ate 3 tacos!!!! Oh this is not going to be good.... I cautiously turn on the wii and step on.... i muted the volume so that I didn't have to hear the little oompa loompa in my wii grunt at me.... I didn't have any hot coffee in hand, and no other projectiles close by, so I didn't want to hear his remarks this morning. I wait... just like on the Biggest Loser with the scale beeping and numbers flying, to see what the scale registers as my heft today....humm....let it be good....hummm...I can deal with a couple of pounds....hummm....ppppllleeeeaaaasssseeee.......

You have lost 0.2 lbs!!!

Happy dance!!!! woot woot! Ok, so I'm still at 140, but whatever.... I'm stoked that after eating all of that crap this week, I'm not at 150!!! So I sat down here with a celebratory doughnut, and a banana.... I though, I'll eat the banana first, then the doughnut... I took a few bites of banana, and it didn't taste all that good, I guess sitting next to a maple bar, a banana sort of loses it's luster... soo I ate half... and picked up my maple bar.... I took a bite... AND....gross!!!! The doughnut is just gross.... I mean, it tastes like a regular doughnut....but it's too sweet and heavy and greasy and...and...and...I thought of all the time at the gym I'd have to take to work that off... so after one bite... I'm done with that. Yeay me! I guess... hahahahah

So today Evan has gymnastics and I'll be able to go to the gym for 45 minutes while he plays.... I'm thinking elliptical today. After an hour on the seated bike yesterday and three miles on the indoor track, I'm all walked out.... I think the music choice will be..... hummm.... Dean Martin holiday radio on Pandora.... if I can have some fun Christmas tunes, I think I could crank out 45 minutes..... oh wait! Today is Tuesday!!!! I'm going to listen to Glee radio!!! Sweet!!! They have a lot of upbeat songs that will help me through this day... I feel motivated but not overly... hahahah.... Hopefully my new friend Lacey will be there and we can get on the elipticals together! Oh course she's WAY more athletic than I am...but that helps motivate too...I guess...hahahah!! It always helps to have someone next to you going through the same battle you are! hahhaah Lacey, our battle with the elliptical....it's on! hahaha See you there!

As for everyone else... have a great, doughnut free, day! Happy Fat Tuesday!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

a day late but a pound lighter!

Ok, so I'm a day late posting here....but I did weigh on time and I am a pound lighter...again! Ha ha ha so back to 140. Someday I'll make my goal, I'm thinking this is probably not the week. Although I don't plan on overindulging tomorrow, I do have a few weaknesses that will be given into I'm sure.

This week at the gym was...well...lackluster...I spent an hour of my 2 hour cardio session chatting with Lacey (wow we. Are a lot alike! Hahah thanks for becoming a friend!!) Instead of burning calories...I did give her some eliptical pointers though...hey Lacey, I forgot one!!! Put the level on like 15, the steeper the incline the easyer it is to go backwards without feeling like ur gunna fly off the back! Hahaha And I didn't even go to the gym yesterday and I most likely won't be there today. Soooo, all these excuses...I guess I need to pull out the wii fit and get my butt in gear we'll see how that goes.

Happy turkey day to you all and may you burn more calories than you consume shopping those crazy insane black friday deals! I'll be at home by the fire thinking of how totally MAD all of that is! Hahahah enjoy!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Oh Man.....

Ok, so this week has been quite a doozie... here's the 411. I tried cutting and coloring my hair (by a professional of course) sot hat I could look cute and trendy and perhaps further motivate myself to lose more weight.... the cut is amazing... I totally love it!!! and it's way versatile... so that is a major plus! Also, it is something that I can style myself... so that is good too! hahahaha The color... I LOVED for about 2 days... then it happened!!!!!! OMG!!! I had an awful allergic reaction and have been on medication to try and get rid of the horrible things that the hair dye did to my skin! hahahah ok, so there's pluses and minuses to this situation.... I have a rash all around my hair line, on my forehead, and down the back of my neck... it itches like HELL... and that is the minus.... the plus side... my Dr. prescribed me this medication that totally wires me... so my house is spotless, my laundry is done, and my kitchen is Filled with confections! hahahah Down side... the medication has a weight gain side effect... probably because you have to take it 5 times a day and with food each time... hahaha the plus side..... I figured out the scale on my wii and the Dr.'s scare are pretty much right on.... all that being said... I have not made it to the gym because I look horrible (my hubbs says it's not that bad... and the you can hardly tell< id="SPELLING_ERROR_15" class="blsp-spelling-error">I have not wanted to go out in public at all... and thus... I have gained 2 lbs. this week... so I'm back to 142, well just under 142.... so yeah, I'm going with 2 lbs! hahahah oh well.. everyone has set backs... I have to keep pushing through... it's off to the gym now to walk the track and try not to itch my head off... wish me luck!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

It's Tuesday Again...

So I was feeling bad about myself this morning, I know that I had a bad week. My diet slipped back into what I used to eat, my weight I know has increased by at least 5 lbs. and I just didn't even want to weigh. I did though... even before I got coffee... and it wasn't all that bad. So I only gained a pound back... that's not so bad.... I can go to the gym today and work that off, I hope! hahahah I didn't even set foot in the gym last week, so I went yesterday and then I'm going to be there today, and I pretty much have to go tomorrow... so back to my 2 hour cardio sessions and then I can finish working off some of this weight. I just read Lena's blog (http://www.scrapbutterfly.blogspot.com/) for inspiration.... she is doing well and I'm proud of her... so I need to keep up!

For breakfast today I didn't make a great choice though.... I wonder if the fact that I ate a banana canceled out the fact that I ate a brownie????? NO??? Well crap. Oh well, I have more work to do, and I've stayed out of the Halloween candy for the most part, so I'm ok with that. I'll have to eat well for the rest of the day, but that's ok... I'm getting back on that proverbial bicycle that I just fell off. I may have skinned my knee, but I'm not going to let it get the best of me. By Christmas I wanna be at least 5 pounds lighter!!!! Let's see if I can get there...

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Thursday already?

Ok, so I have a good excuse for not posting on Tuesday.... it was my birthday! hahaha but I did weigh and I didn't gain or lose anything. I'm ok with that. I got to go shopping and i bought pants that are 2 sizes smaller!!!! And I don't even have to suck my gut in to zip them! I'm so excited! I did go the the gym on Tuesday, although all I did was walk 2 miles... and that's it for the gym this week, guess I'm slackin. Maybe I'll dust off the wii and so a little step aerobics.... we shall see.... I'm more interested in Christmas shopping, that burns lots of calories right????

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