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OMG, is it seriously only 2 days until Christmas?!?!?  Where the heck did this month go?  Anyone who knows me at all knows that I adore my Cheekies, and I find any way possible to use them.  Cheekies have graced cookies, cakes, cards, scrapbook pages, and they have even made it to gift wrap, and wreaths!!! I’m constantly trying to think of new ways to use my favorite girls!  With Christmas just a few days away, I sat in my kitchen today wondering what I could do for my last project as GD for TGF.  I wanted to do something fun, something innovative, something that I haven’t seen in the gallery yet.  Then I got to pondering…I think I may need a drink…  Ok, so then it hit me!!! I just had to make these totally Cheekie Cocktail Glasses!  And a couple of close ups:I etched my beloved Cheekies into martini glasses, because after a long day of being in the kitchen baking up a storm for all of the last minute guests who keep popping into our house, I’m going to need a Cheekie Cocktail, or two…

Cheekie cocktails.

I know that everyone expects me to bake…  But sometimes, I just want to do something that is, well… not baked. ha ha ha  So, being as I’m completely addicted to Pinterest, and I found an idea for a candy wreath on there,  here’s what I decided to do:You can soooooo do this too!! start with a foam wreath from the craft store (seriously like $3), then add mints with hot glue (I used 3 bags, so about 4 lbs. of mints, at $1 per bag) and then a ribbon.  Here’s a close up of our little angelic friend:I do hope that your Christmas is the sweetest ever!  Make one of these little wreaths and give to a friend, and they will have a sweet Christmas too!  Enjoy!!