Monday, April 12, 2010

Not so white Space!

Hahahahaha, so my white space isn't so white... but I'm a rebel just like Gloria and I think that the term "white space" is open to interpretation.... In this case... it's a piece of patterned paper... that's just to cute to cover up... so I made it the "white space" focal point! I LOVE this little digi girl with he birthday cake.... and I found a way to use some bling! hahahaha I've had those things FOREVER!!!!! Thanks Lena for the little clip.... I used a pop dot to make it stick out a bit more... and clipped the little chipboard tag to it.... Thanks for the great sketch Pam!!!! Fun, Fun, Fun!

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  1. What a cute idea to use that little clip ! It makes everything even more fun ...

  2. this is just so cute.. love the girl, love the note .. and love the cupcake;)

  3. That's my girl! Come on over here to the dark side and sit next to me and Rose....muhahahahahhahaaa! Great job!

  4. Cute card! Thanks for sharing with us on Practical Scrappers!
    Barb S

  5. Your card is adorable! Thanks for joining us at Practical Scrappers.

  6. well a huge welcome to our Rebel in training!! LOL this is awesome and i love the clip holding the sentiment :)
    sorry it took awhile to get here i have been working a loooong week.


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