Monday, May 17, 2010

Money, money, money, money..... money!

'Come on, sing it, you know you wanna..... I'll wait.... sing.... OK, now that we got THAT outta our systems (it will be stuck in you head all day now... ha ha ha!) I think we can move on. The challenge today was to make a card that has something to do with money! SWEET!!!! I found this quote online and thought that it would be PERFECT for the challenge..... My Pal sent me a bunch of fun stuff, and in that was this digi of these cute little girls shopping.... so I decided to use that.... thanks Pal! I finished it off with some silver and gold brads (wish those were real!) and called it a day. I played with putting ribbons and bows and flowers and such on this card.... I know.... gasp...Jammie made a card without a ribbon on it!!!!! But nothing seemed to fit just right... I think simple was the way to go with this, monochromatic, and let the words speak for themselves..... My sister LOVES to shop... so I think this card may go to her.... hahahahaha

OK, now onto the IMPORTANT STUFF!!!!!!! I GOT TOP TRIO!!!!!!!! Oh yeaa! Oh, yeah! Yeay me! Happy Dance! Woot, Woot! hahahahha I'm doing cartwheels (on the inside). What fun....? I made top trio for my 1920's Mickey Mouse (Steamboat Willie) card!!!!! See, thinking outside of the norm (usually just called being a bit strange) is what I do best! hahahahaha

Well, not that that is outta MY system... it's house cleaning day, and I better get to it! See y'all later!

P.S. I got top trio.... wooooohoooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!! hahahaha (Ok, I'm done now.... honest!!!!!)

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Sunday, May 16, 2010

A happy birthday sketch!

Sorry the pic is a bit blurry, but I haven't had my coffee yet either, so my eyes are just a bit blurry too! hahahaha I LOVE this sketch! I could make 100 cards using it!!!! I also LOVE this little dragon! He's so stinking cute!!!!! You can't see here, but his legs are on pop dots so that they hang out!!! hahahahaha he's got a candle in one hand and a balloon in the other, and let me tell you how hard her was to cut out with no coffee in my system... wowie!!!!! What a fun card... I think this one may go to my Goddaughter, she'd LOVE him too! ha ha ha Ok... need to go hit the brew button on my morning! Read the paper, then it's off to Michael's for some cake supplies.... have a HUGE Star Wars (yuck) cake to do this week.... I'll post pics of it... here and on my business site... check that out too at See y'all tomorrow!

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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Criss cross applesauce, yeay Dad!!!

I finally get to use this Digi that I've been dying to use!!!yeay!!!!! So this is a Ward Digi, which I have the honor of being on their DT, although I've been slacking!!!!!! Booo!!!! Anyways, you can see all of the Ward Digis by clicking on the logo in my sidebar here.

The Criss Cross is the top note paper in the background. Fun, bright, summer colors. The little sentiment tab on the side says "I'll always be Daddys' 'lil girl." What a great card for Father's day. Hop on over to get this MUST HAVE DIGI NOW!!!! Now... really, I'll wait..... la..... OK, got it? Good! ha ha ha Don't you feel better now?!?!?

Well it is night night time, and I'm totally beat! So I bid the all farewell, and I'll see ya all next week! Good Night......... ZZZzzzzzz.......

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It needs something

Allrighty.... I'm catching up on this weeks' 365 card challenges...yeay me!!! So I'm going to make all the ones that I missed....

My week has been hectic and crazy and next week is going to be 4 times worse!!!!!!! I saw this challenge the day it posted.... thought about it.... came up blank...and never went back to it, until now.... So, the challenge was "it needs something" as in this stamp would be cute if it had..... (fill in the blank). I finally came up with using Tess here...she needs something in her hand....and what's funner than a gift??? ha ha ha So I made this tiny little gable box! it's filled with chocolate covered espresso beans! Yum!!!! I wonder who I can send it to......

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First things first, I see I have a new follower!!!!!Yeay!!!! Welcome Janice, and thanks for becoming a follower of Sweet Sentiment! Yeay!!!! Happy Dance! ha ha ha OK, on to the cards......

So this one was that we could only use 3 colors!!!! Seriously..... that's it, and not even different shades... so I used black, white and teal to be safe.... because black and white were the exception to the rule... and i used teal card stock, teal embossing powder and teal colored pencils, they are all the same shade, but sorta come off different do to the mediums..... so.... black and white be damned.... tri-colored it still is! hahahahah NEXT!!!

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4 buttons and 4 bows

So, turn you head sideways since I took this with my blackberry and I can't rotate the pics on here.... you're just gunna have to bear with me! It's also super hard to see the embossing on here, but it is embossed with a sizzix folder that says "Happy Birthday" all over it in different fonts. Ho hum... Wish this pic would have come out clearer, it really is a cool card, in person.

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Card recipe day

Card recipes are hard for me. I never can seem to get the "ingredients" to go together well. Thank God I don't have that problem in life, or no one would shop at my bakery! ha ha ha But people rave about my cakes and goodies, so my problem must apply only to cards...wshew!!!! OK, so the card is the right size, thanks to pre-fab cards in a package!!! hahaha love buying those 100 kagillion pre-cut, pre-creased cards! ha ha ha Awesome! the 2 patterned papers are the green strip and the stripped strip, coincidentally they are also the "stripes" requirement since they are both printed with stripe patterns. The ribbon is pretty obvious here since it's NEON!!!!! ha ha ha and the stamped image and sentiment are front and center.... so I think it's all there! Woot woot!!!!

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Monday, May 10, 2010

Blog Candy Alert
To celebrate the launch of Spesch Designer Stamps website they are offering a blog candy.
It is very simple to enter.
All you need to do is post this candy on your blog and leave a link in Mr Linky of that post on their site. They will draw a winner on the 15th of May.

What is in the candy:
- Spesch Stamps Bonnie Clear Stamp
- Spesch stamps up coming release clear stamps x 2 (not telling what they are).
- Mad for Markers Neenah Solar white small pack of 25
- 3x Copic markers - E000, E00, E21 (the colours I use for skin colouring).
- Memento ink pad (forgot to put in picture)
- 3 x Imaginisce clear stamps
- Delish 6x6 paper pack
- Pink Paislee 365degrees 6x6 paper pack
- 1 metre of lace
- 4x bunches of gardenia's
- 7x bunches of cherry blossoms
- Pearl pin pack.
- Bella pearls
- Bella ribbon slides
- Nellie Snellen leaf punch

Avatar for a friend.

My friend, Naomi, wanted and Avatar-esk cake for her birthday last week. Well, ask and you shall receive! ha ha ha! I marbled the fondant with the colors from the movie, and then used shimmery ribbons to match. I also used luster dust and some rubber stamps to make swirls and flowers all over the cake in iridescent edible glitter. I think it turned out great. I tried to mimic the lights on the females' face with the little dots all over the cake, but I'm not so sure that came across well. Then I added the pic of the male and voila, Avatar-esk cake! hahahaha Maybe, perhaps, possibly I should have actually watched the movie before committing to the cake. Just a thought...

Strawberry Lemon cupcakes! Yum!!!

These are Lemon cupcakes with fresh, sliced strawberries and lemon zest on them. Talk about yum-o!!! I just made them (like a week or so ago) because I was wishing for summer, and they seemed like a summer flavor to me! Plus, I was experimenting with my lemon cake recipe.

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Hunters' cake

This is a super duper chocolate cake that I made for my cousin for his birthday today! He is way into hunting and outdoors, so of course I made him a cake with that theme. It's hard to photograph, especially since I'm taking pics with my blackberry, but hey, I tried. anyways, the raccoon is ransacking the tent, and the campfire is birthday candles, the "rocks" are actually chocolates, and all the other animals are just sorta milling around! ha ha ha

Ok I muse finish my chores, and i have a few other posts I'm going to put up here today! See ya soon!

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Ok, so while most of you seem to be thinking Coco, flappers, and beads.... I'm thinking...... Steamboat willie!!!!!! Yeah!!!! 1920 is when Walt Disney came up with Steamboat Willie later known as Mickey Mouse..... call it a generation gap, but I just didn't think of flappers when I thought of 1920! hahahahah ok, ok, ok... I did a little.... but I didn't want to make a card that looks like everyone elses' card (even though yours is super awesome Gloria). So here's Willie:

I had to putt out the modern Mickey mouse plush to hold my card for the photo.... it was a must! ha ha ha Anyways, the comic strip in the background of the card is storyboard I found online from the Steamboat Willie cartoon, and behind the sentiment I watermarked the 1920's image of Steamboat Willie himself! It's kinda hard to see in the pic, but look really closely and you can make him out. I just thought that the sentiment was funny.... it is on red card stock and lifted up on pop dots (man I love those things!!!). Then I topped it off with a big red satin ribbon, because what's a card without the ribbon? ha ha ha

Ok, I have a birthday cake to make.... I better get with it.... I'll post a pic of that later. Have a great day ladies!!!!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's super sketchy sunday!

The difference between a normal SSS and Mother's Day SSS is this;

Moms get (lots) more artistic liberty today!

Case in point... My sketch! Ha ha ha Check it out!

So, the kids and the Coach represent the 3 triangles on the sketch, there's the artistic liberties I was talking about, and then the little soccer digi is the circle, and the sentiment is the rectangle. Really, other than the triangles, i followed this sketch pretty exact! I don't know, maybe it was the cake and coffee that I had for breakfast, too much sugar, and we all know how "special" coffee can be! ha ha ha anyways, here's the inside of the card too:

Yup, Evan actually, really, totally played in his soccer game yesterday, it was a good Mother's Day gift! Until yesterday he would not go in to play during a game if you bribed him with ANYTHING! hahahah and we all know how good mom's are at bribing kids to do stuff!! wink wink! But yesterday he played a while quarter, now maybe next game he'll actually kick the ball or something! ha ha ha Here's hoping.

To all of you mommies out there, have a wonderful day! I hope it's bright and sunny, and I hope that you don't have to do the dishes at all today!!!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Trees and Twine and Triangles too!

Ok, this one is totally top trio worthy, right??? Hahaha I wasn't too sure about it while I was making it, but the more I put on it, the more I liked it! Ok off to Evan's soccer game!!!
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Friday, May 7, 2010


♥♥Pay It Forward for Creative People♥♥
I hereby promise to send something handmade to the first 5 people who leave a comment that they want to participate in the PIF challenge. In turn, they promise to post this and send something they made to the first 5 posters on their blog.
I promise that your items will be received before the end of June 2010.
If you want to join the fun then just let me know in your comment :)

Tripple A

Alpha stickers, Arc, and Anniversary, those are the 3 A's for today. Ok, so maybe this card isn't top trio worthy, but I still kinda like how it came out! Ho hum... Off to something else. Ta ta for now! P.S. sorry that the alpha stickers didn't turn out in the pic.... lighting is bad, and I'm using my blackberry, it says "love" obviously. ha ha ha
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Lovely leafy lace

This was a hard card for me since I'm not a lacey, lovely, leaf-y sort of girl... But if you want top trio, you have to step out of your comfort zone every once in a while! Ha ha ha! So there it is... I love the stamped lace at the bottom!!!! That's about as close to lace as this girl gets! Ha ha ha! See y'all later!
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White, white space, & wings

I think I worked my way through that list. The white and white space are quite evident, and there's a few pairs of wings here! Ha ha ha. So that's my latest attempt at top trio! Wish me luck!
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The 3 C's, and a new outlook

OK, so here's my new outlook....I'M NOT GOING TO STOP UNTIL I GET A CARD IN THE TOP TRIO AT 365 CARDS!!!!!! I know, ambitious huh? But I swear I've made some cool cards that people said should have been in the top trio for 365 cards, but I just can't seem to get one there... so... I'm making it my mission!

Here's my first attempt. The card challenge from 365 today is to include the 3 C's, circle, cream color, and cross stitch. I got it!! The circles are the brads at the top of the black paper, the cream color is obviously the card stock, and (Yes Rose I did go old school here) the cross stitch is the sentiment. I know that I always complain about not being able to do some of the things that Pam challenges us to do (i.e. whip stitching!!!!) but I can cross stitch! I made this one especially for this challenge... just sat down, found a scrap and some threads, and voila! A cross stitch sentiment (bows) yes, yes, I know, thank you, thank you! hahahaha (pats self on back) I just wanted to go clean and simple here so that the recipient could enjoy the cross stitch and not a bunch of embellishments to get in the way. I hope you like it! Have a great day.... now it's off to register my little guy for preschool! Yeay!

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Mixing it up

Hello all, there have been a lot of changes happening in my world, and thus, I haven't been blogging a bunch.  But i wanted to share wit...