Monday, January 10, 2011


Yeah, so, at 365 cards today they want us to make an "elegant card." Really??? Seriously??? Elegance is NOT my forte! hahaha That's for sure. Here's my stab at it:

This was quite a challenge Pam.... thanks for keeping me hoppin!


  1. very pretty -- I lvoe your flourishes and the brads. I also don't do elegant!

  2. Hey, in my opinion you slap a flourish on anything and you have instant elegance, great job, funny girl!!!

  3. Beautiful! Are you really going to do one EVERY day? Cause, WOW!!!! It takes a certain amount of dedication that I can't even dream about... but you did inspire me to do a 365 photo post. So, thanks, and keep it up! they look great!

  4. Teal and chocolate is one of my favorite color combos! Nicely done! Thanks for playing along at 365 Cards this week. Hope you can play every day!


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