Sunday, March 14, 2010

Hello Cupcake

Ok, so after a super long night, I was hoping that my sick little guy would sleep in..... NO SUCH LUCK! ha ha ha So this card got done in stages. I picked the paper, checked on the kid, found the ribbon and digi, checked on kiddo, cut out digi, checked on kid, colored, checked on kid, glued stuff in place, kid, picture, kid, ..... now I'm finally posting it like 3 hours later! hahahaha So here's the Sketch:

And here's my card:

I think it turned out rather well, all things considered. All of you know that when you get up in the middle of making a card, it's sorta like de-railing a train.... woot woot.....crash!!!!!! You sit back down and...ummm... what was I thinking here? hummm..... ha ha ha That's totally how it was each time I had to go get something for Evan, or hold him until he fell back asleep or something. So, like I said.... all things considered... ha ha ha I think this little girl holding the cake is soooo stinkin' cute, you'll be seeing a lot of her in my cards in the year to come! ha ha ha As my crazy morning wore on, I picked up anything I could to get this card done, so she's colored with a combo of chalks, markers, colored pencils, and crayons!!! (Crayola is huge in our house! ha ha ha and they all just happened to be scattered on the floor in my office, so I used them! ha ha ha) Well someone is begging for Fishie crackers, so my waitressing continues.... thank goodness I can type fast, or this post would be a long time in coming too! ha ha ha Happy Sunday to you all!


  1. very cute - hope your poor little guy gets better real soon!

  2. ooh this really nice and simple. I like it :)! esp the way the buttons highlights and coordinates with everything else in the card.

  3. I'm sorry he didn't sleep this night either. Poor you, must be wiped out! And poor him. I hope he gets better today! Your card is lovely, she is pretty, and I'm looking forward seeing more of her! LOL! LOVE those layered buttons!

  4. I hope your boy is feeling better...this is such a super sweet card...

  5. yummy!! hope the little guy is feeling better soon


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