Tuesday, December 15, 2015

A hidden gift!

So, I loath sending cash in the mail, mainly because I'm not TOTALLY trusting our postal system these days! I know, I know, billions of things get to places properly every day! But, case in point, I received mail yesterday (including Christmas cards) for a family who lives about 6 doors down! He'd we not been people of integrity, we could have opened up those cards to see what was inside. ....Now you know why I don't like sending cash!!!!! 
   Lena (my Pal) challenged me to make a card that had a gift card or money holder in it. I didn't want that to be obvious... So here's what I came up with!
Simply put cash inside (behind this adorable Greeting Fatm image) and press down so it seals, and no one is the wiser! Boom! 
   I k ow that the card can still get lost.... I get it. But hey, I feel a little better about it. Ok, I'm off to stamp some more! 
   Happy Stampin'!

Many shades of green

Well, here's another card my Pal and I did for a challenge. We were to use at lease four shades of green. Yeah, I think I have that covered! Ha ha ha!
I wish I could tell you where these papers came from, but honestly they are tiny scraps from a huge bag I've collected over the years because I'm a shameless paper hoarder and refuse to throw away and scrap of paper! Seriously, I may need therapy to solve this issue, but I'm not so sure that form exists yet! Ha ha! 
   None the laser, we had fun with our Spectrum Noir markers to color the images we chose, this girl is from Whimsey Stamps.  I think she's just adorable and so current. 
   I'm off to make more!! Happy stampin'!

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Christmas cards!!!

Well, since my Pal had to work today, and I had nothing going on.... I forced her to "challenge" me with card ideas. I was feeling less than inspired and I needed a good kick start. So the next few posts will be those challenges. 

Here's the first one:  she challenged me to do something I'd never done before, she told me to stamp on Kraft paper and use my Spectrum Noir markers to color the image. Well, after some serious bouts of self doubt and denial, I figured "what have I got to lose?!?"  So, out came the Kraft paper, the markers, a cute little girl from The Greeting Farm and a white Prisma Color pencil for highlights. (Along with a bazillion other supplies that I had forgotten I had and ended up looking like a tornado, or 12, had had their way with my work space!)
I just love how bright the reds are on the Kraft paper! Also, by a stroke of sheer luck (no pun intended) I found this length of awesome sheer ribbon!!! I literally used every millimeter of the ribbon! Ha ha ha 

I'll be back later with more! 

Friday, December 4, 2015

I'll have a PINK Christmas

Ok, so I'll be the first to admit that I usually scoff while browsing in the store at all of the PINK Christmas decorations. Sorry, it's just the way I am! My Pal and I sat (long distance, CA and ID, thank goodness for cell phones) down the other night to challenge one another to some Christmas card making! Since she knows me so well, you know what she did? Yeah... You guessed it!!! "Make a PINK Christmas card!" Well after dying a little inside, I resolved to blow this challenge out of the water!!! What do ya think??? 

Purple Chrustmas

So my wonderful Pal (Lena Nunn) challenged me to make a Christmas card that used purple as the main color! After scratching my head a little, I went for it. This image is from The Greeting Farm and it from "Owen, Anya surprise." Hope you like it! 

It's been a long,long time!

Wow, it's been a long time since I've posted on here, but I'm back! Here is a Christmas card I've just finished. I'm excited to get back into my card making and I'm super excited to have found Spectrum Noir markers!  Woohooo! 
This image is from C.C. Designs. 

Mixing it up

Hello all, there have been a lot of changes happening in my world, and thus, I haven't been blogging a bunch.  But i wanted to share wit...