Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Save-the-Date for me!

Ok, so the rebel in me is back! ha ha ha This "Save-the-Date" "CARD" isn't a card at all, it's a box!! Sorry about the sideways picture, but hey, I'm having a super hard time getting it to link up. So tilt your head to the side and enjoy! hahahaha Inside is 2 tea bags, 2 sugar packs, and 2 honey packs!

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Front, Back, and In-between!!!

As the title suggests, the challenge was to decorate your card, front back, and inside.... so here's mine!!!
It's hard to see in the picture, but next to the little fairy on the back it says "Hand Stamped By Jammie." Ok, I have to figure out why one of my cards isn't posting.... be back later!

Sketch 56

SSS is here again! So here's my take on the sketch! A little wild, but I think I like it! Hahaha maybe it's the coffee! Wink, wink!
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Pins and Needles

Ok, so I can't stitch! My ribbon on bottom proves that, but it was the challenge! Hahahaha and the pins are plastic so no one gets hurt, mainly me! Hahahaha off to do another!
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Alpha sticker, stamp, and red, oh my!

Day 51 brings another trio or random items, alpha sticker (the cheers and congrats stickers are alphas), stamp (that's my lil bear there), and the color Red (the clips in his hands). This card also fits the sketch for Instyle Stamps! Woot woot! I think I got 'er done! Next!
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A card of many items

Ok, as the title suggests, here's my card of many random items! That ribbon is older than a year, by far!!! The brown corduroy brads were a gift from my Pal. And I totally forgot that I had this sheet of paper from about 6 years ago (or more) that had a bunch of die cuts on it, that's the Butterfly, I used another Butterfly from it on the inside of the card too!
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Sunday, April 18, 2010

I break the rules, like Rose! Ha ha ha

Seriously though, the sketch has three circles on it..... That's my 3 little alien guys! The rest is sorta adlibed! Hahahaha I guess I reall am just a card rebel... I'm sorry Pam, I truly am, I want to be good, I just don't think I have it in me... I swear, one day, I'll buy you some "special coffee" and mail it to you!! Ha ha ha I'll try to be good, next sunday maybe..... Or maybe not....thanks for all your comments Miss Rose, you don't influence or encourage me, I swear *wink, wink* !!!!!
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Saturday, April 17, 2010

ok, ok, ok.... WHITE space, I got it!

Fine.... I'll actually do a "white space" card!!! if I must (sorry Gloria, don't despair, I'll break more rule with you soon!!! hahahaha). So the white space sketch on this one was simply to keep everything in the top left of the card.... I needed to send a card to my sister to let her know she's in my heart... so this challenge worked out just perfect for that! Yeay! Now I think I'm off to bed....

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Does "white space" have to be white?

Hahahaha... according to my lovely friend Gloria, NOPE!!! Hahahaha so here I am again with not so white "white space" cards! I love being a rebel with Gloria! she inspires me to break the white space rules! Simple as this card is, I think I kinda litke it... hummm..... I guess it has to grow on ya.... Maybe now I'll take it and add a whole bunch of embellies! I'm feelin' froggy! Ta ta y'all!

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Teal space!

white space is hard for me... just looks like I forgot to decorate major parts of my card.... so I'm going with teal space today! hahahaha here's the deal... the sketch just has a big arrow pointing to the right on it... so I used a huge bloom and stamped my sentiment... and poof.... teal space! hahahaha I love the clean and simple aspect of this card..... as my Pal would say "dat's purdy!" ha ha ha

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Ho, Hum... White again!

I know, I'm slacking on my rule breaking with this whole week of "white space" challenges... but I wanted the ink colors to really show through on this one... I love the bright pink and blue and of course the little safety pins added more color.... I think they pop well on the white.... despite the reticule I may receive from my fellow rebels out there! hahahaha Sorry girls! I'll be back to rule breaking in no time! I just need a cup of "special coffee" and I'll jump back on that bandwagon! You better believe it!

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So this is the last of my "white Space" challenge cards for the week.... I totally had so much fun doing these.... a whole week of "white space" reminds me that I need to jump out of my style sometimes and do things a little different! I thank you Pam for reminding me of that! I used 3 colors of ink on the flower and a chipboard sentiment for this card... clean, plain, simple, and lovely (well at least I think so). I'm over tired though, and I may be a bit blurry eyes.... I'll look at it again tomorrow and decide if I like it or not! hahahah night night all!

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Monday, April 12, 2010

Not so white Space!

Hahahahaha, so my white space isn't so white... but I'm a rebel just like Gloria and I think that the term "white space" is open to interpretation.... In this case... it's a piece of patterned paper... that's just to cute to cover up... so I made it the "white space" focal point! I LOVE this little digi girl with he birthday cake.... and I found a way to use some bling! hahahaha I've had those things FOREVER!!!!! Thanks Lena for the little clip.... I used a pop dot to make it stick out a bit more... and clipped the little chipboard tag to it.... Thanks for the great sketch Pam!!!! Fun, Fun, Fun!

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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Super Sketchy Mom's Day Card

So it's Super Sketchy Sunday and here's the sketch:
I don't know why, but when I saw this I immediately thought of doing a Mother's day card for My mom, with a bookmark in it!!! haahah I thought the diagonal on this sketch looked like a pocket... so that's where I went with it...
When it's sitting there without the bookmark in it, it that's the sketch part.... the curly lines on the sentiment deal with the squiggly line that Pam had in her sketch down the side of the triangle. The flower is just a ribbon rose, Not very expertly done if I may add, ha ha ha and I added the red ribbon tails onto it for the vertical rectangle in the sketch. I know that my mom will love this card! She loves Red and Black and white together... so I'm sure it'll be a hit!
Thanks for looking at my page! See y'all soon!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Easter Sketchy Sunday...

Too bad I'm posting this nearly a week after Easter.... it seems like Easter was soooooo long ago, wow how time does fly. Anyways, here's my take on the sketch.... I think I'm getting too tired to be making cards.... hahahaha I gotta get some sleep soon!!!!

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I quilt!

Ok Pam, these cards are getting way too hard... I think that you are over my head now... I was wondering when this day would happen.... I always knew it would.... here I am in my happy little card space, making cards, thinking that I can keep up, then Pam has to go and make all of these hard challenges... no wonder I'm just now posting them and it's Saturday night!!! Hope all of these make it in on time!

All Joking aside though, I really do LOVE these challenges... I have quite the arsenal of cards now!

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OK, so Evan had a taggie for a while... and kids do love these things.... I however, had a hard time making it into a card.... But I got through it... on to the next...

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Girls Oft Land on the Fairway.... NOT!!!!! But I thought it made for a funny card.... Pam must really have a supply of that "special coffee" tucked away in her craft room.... because I forgot all about these poems long, long ago...

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Rub ons?

Ok, So, take a little stroll with me... you ready??? I envision Pam, sitting at her glorious Ikea Card-making desk, sipping a piping hot cup of her special coffee, thinking, "what can I do to make the people who try to follow 365 every day go totally stark raving mad???" Then it hits her!!! The proverbial light bulb flashes so bright it makes the sun seem dull..... RUB-ONS!!!!

Seriously Pam, one day I'll have the supplies that you have.... seriously.... it's on my list! hahahah Thanks God that my pal, Lena just happened to send me a bunch of crap that she claims she'll never use, and there just happened to be a sheet of rub-ons in there!!! Whew!!

You almost got me Pam, Almost.... haha ha.....

Ok I either need some special coffee, or some sleep.... I think I'm opting for sleep! ahahahahaha

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Pam's supply closet

I don't envy a lot of people a lot of things.... but I just wanna spend a day in Pam's supply closet! How does she come up with these things? Oh a Little of this and a little of that and voila! A card with a gagillion things on it! hahahaha ok.... now I need to sell some gift baskets and cakes so that I can go to Mike's to support my card making addiction! Thanks Pam!

5 flowers, check 5 buttons, check 5 colors, check 5 different patterned papers, check 5 stamps, oh yeah! finished!!!!

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glittery blooms

I thought just using a flower was enough, now we have to glitter them too... well... I don't own any glitter..... I know, I know... I can't be a true crafter if I don't have any glitter...... but I have embossing powder that has glitter in it!!! Yeay me!!!! So that's what ya get.... blooms with glitter on them.... just like 365 asked for! I think I kinda love this card!!!!

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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Color combo

These are the colors we are to use today at 365 to make a card. Sorta tough to get them all together.... but I had an idea:

The red flower sorta looks pinkish in the picture here, gotta love blackberrys, great phones, not such great cameras (thanks for that line Pal). The sentiment says "Happiness Always" and I used the Bold Brights stampin' spots from SU to make the gradient on the lettering. Real Red, Only Orange, Yoyo Yellow, and Green Galore.

OK, time to go watch a movie with my Hubby! Happy Easter to everyone!

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I'm not so good at math

So they tell us to make a card that's 1/3 black and white, 1/3 patterned paper, and 1/3 colored in (like colored pencils or crayons or something along those lines) over at 365 today. Ok, no problemo! Accept for when I finished this card... I think that one third may be bigger than another third.... hahahah oh well, it fits.....
I absolutely adore this skateboard guy that I got from Ward Digis!!! Anthony is an awesome artist, and this is just one example of his amazing work! So click on the button on the right side of my page here to check out more of his Digis too! Ok, one more card to go, maybe later though.....

What the @#%$ is a whip Stitch?!?!?!

I log on to 365 to catch up on my card making, since it is a prize week after all, and I'm left scratching my head. They tell us to Whip Stitch a card... what the heck?!?!?!?!? I assumed that the example that was posted knew what she was doing, so I totally CASE-d it!!! Yeah, I'm like that! ha ha ha But I didn't know what else to do! So here's my card:
So I guess I'm all enlightened now. I can whip stitch with the best of 'em! ha ha ha But I'm still unclear on why anyone would want to do this to their cards.... humm, some things in life just have to remain a mystery. TTYL

Thursday, April 1, 2010

A card I can really get use out of!

Here's my card for today! I sooooo love it!!! Not to toot my own horn here (oh well, what the heck: TOOT TOOT!) but I'm so proud of this card! I love the little box inside that is detachable, so that you can take your little recipe cards with you! I don't know why one would take the little box out though, because the front of the card is stinkin cute! hahahahahaa I have to think my Pal, Lena for about 90% of the embellishments though, she gets all of this stuff and says she'll never use it, then mails it to me! Thanks Pal, great stuff! there are 6 recipe cards; Mains, Veggies and sides, Soups, Breads, Desserts, and Misc. So that's a whole meals' worth depending on how you look at it. Now, that's something to toot your horn about! Toot, Toot! ha ha ha TTYL

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