Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Another CPS sketch

I completed this card for the CPS sketch a few days ago. But I'm just getting around to posting it. Ha ha ha OK, so I'm a little behind on things right now.... Happens to us all! Right?

Friday, February 17, 2012

Ok, here’s the last two cards for the Card Positioning System Anniversary challenge.  whew! 15 days of cards is a lot!  My BPF (Best Pal Forever)Lena, and I finished all of them! Woot woot!!!

Ok so here are the cards for days 11 and 12:



I’m so excited that I finished all of these and so anxious to see if I can win any of the prizes they are giving away! So fun!!!!

Off to bed now, another day of work tomorrow, then to clean my house that I’ve totally been neglecting.

Thanks to all of my new followers, and all the old faithful's too! I’m so  happy to have you all join me in my crafting and ramblings …. See ya soon!

Ok, so last night my dear Pal and I sat down to finish up on our CPS sketches.  They are having a contest for their 15th anniversary, with TUNS or prizes!!! So, we are trying to win….SOMETHING, anything! ha ha ha

Starting with day #9, sketch #5

CPSSketch5And here’s my card:IMG_1604

The little metal tags say “h b 2 u”  I’m sure you can infer what that all stands for.  I figured that the paper itself was so busy I didn’t want to add a ribbon to it to make it even more crazy.  So, I used a length of Bakers twine! I love that stuff!!! ha ha ha Next….

Day #10, sketch #26

CPSSketch26And one of my beloved little Greeting Farm Kiddos:


Next is day #13, sketch #121:



Ok, Day #14, sketch #45:


I have to admit, I sort of LOVE this card!!!!IMG_1585Here’s a close-up of the coloring, it’s simple, but I LOVE how it came out!!!


Moving on….

Day #15, Sketch #231:



I did a couple of sketches twice in my madness, this is day #3, sketch number 54:

IMG_1582And this is Day #2, Sketch #166:


But since I was hanging out with my Pal, I did them with her…. so Now I only have I think 3 or 4 left to do.  I’m going to make sure I’m linked to each one, and then I’m good to go.


Sorry for the long post, but hey, it was fun, right? ha ha ha  Now it’s off to clean the house, then off to work… ugh… going to be a loooonnnnggggg day!  See ya all tomorrow with the rest of my cards for the CPS anniversary!

Monday, February 6, 2012

One more...

I'm a glutton tonight apparently.  Here's another one for CPS.  I think that I may be one away from being caught up now.  So, perhaps tomorrow I'll do the last two.  We'll see.  I think it's time to fold my last load of laundry and get to bed.... but first a quick trip to the airport to puck up my DH from his "Boy's trip." What kind of lame-o travel agent books a return flight to get in at 11 pm?!?!?! Oh, Wait.... that was me! ha ha ha My bad.  Oh well, I got some quality card making time in with my Pal and I got to catch up on the challenges I was behind on.... so it was totally worth it.  Good night blog land... until tomorrow....

And another....

I'm trying to play catch up tonight.  Plus I'm making cards with my Pal Lena ( so we get a lot done together.... even though we are states away! Thanks goodness for technology! ha ha ha  So, here's my card for CPS anniversary challenge day number seven sketch number 242:
I embossed the TGF kiddo and then used Prismacolor Pencils to just highlight certain areas.  I used this subway art paper that my Pal sent me a scrap of, and I totally am falling in love with all things subway art! It's fun and funky and I adore it.  My trademark polka dots are ever present and i layered a few buttons for an embellishment.  It's a fun card and I love that the sentiment totally mirrors what the look on his face is! ha ha ha Huh? (the inside says "Yup.")

CPS day 6

Ok, so whoever chose this sketch: I LOVE YOU!!! 37 is my lucky number, I use it on EVERYTHING and always have!!! HS sports, Lottery, and everything between.... 37 is totally my number! So when you chose to do CPS sketch #37 I was all over it!
I decided to take my lucky number sketch and go one further.... I decided to make a card that was for me!  We card-ers make cards for happy occasions, sad occasions, and every holiday known to man (even some that aren't! {National sandwich day anyone?!?!/}) but we never make cards that are 100% for ourselves.  I decided that this card was going to use my favorite things; something Egyptian (yeah, I'm obsessed), something polka dotted (WAYYYY passed obsession) and some bakers twine (obsession doesn't even begin to describe it)! Here's what I came up with:
If you know me at all, even a little, you know that this card is totally me! I love my little spiral clippies and I love the bright colors, and Lime is totally "in" right now!
(yeah, there's 37 of 'em.)

Saturday, February 4, 2012


Sorry this is sideways but I'm in a hurry and  can't figure out how to turn it! hahahah  So I decided to make a quick card before I left for work, and it ended up being not so quick, so I have to keep this short so that I still make it to work on time.  This card is for the CPS anniversary celebration (again) and I'm trying to enter every day.  so now I'm only 2 days behind! Yeay me!!! hahahah Maybe I can finis those tonight.  AFTER a day of screaming toddlers and birthday parties, I'm going to need something to lull my mind.... I hope that I can make it a date with my bestest Pal and we can stamp together! We shall see.  TTYL!

Friday, February 3, 2012

A Bella for a challenge

So, I'm a few days behind on the CPS challenges, but I'm making an effort here! ha ha ha Here's my card for day 4:
I really don't know how the travel theme got stuck in my head, but for some reason it did, so there ya go!  I had a long day at work today so I think I'm going to grab my pint of Coconut milk Mint Ice cream and sit in front of the TV and watch Biggest Loser.  Hey, I know, I should not be eating while watching that show, but seriously, I'm two weeks behind and I think that after all that I walked today (and the meals I skipped) I deserve to have a treat! ha ha ha

I'll see ya all tomorrow (I hope, after work again) for another card.  (If I get really feisty I may make another tonight, but I doubt it, I'm pretty beat.)  They have lots of prizes for the CPS anniversary, so I want to enter as many times as I can! Wish me luck! 

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