Saturday, May 28, 2011

Stars and stripes and sparkle

In all my haste to keep up with the 365 challenges and TGF challenges, I totally forgot to check the sparkle challenge and the Simon Says challenge. Gasp! So here's my combination of the two.

Sparkle (since they are sponsoring 365 this week) used one of the words from 365 as their challenge. The word was: HAT! Darn, darn, darn darn!!!! I don't have a Sparkle stamp with a hat!!! GGGrrrr...... so I'm using the ONLY sparkle stamp I have.... yup, Josh!

So, headphones are not a hat... but I had to get creative... look closely at the sentiment...

Yeah, it says; "Put your thinking cap on...and pick a coffee date!!!" ha ha ha Well, a woman's gotta do what she's gotta do, there's stamps at stake here! And I need to win some of these challenges so that I can get some fresh rubber in the mail!!!

The challenge at Simon says was stars and stripes.... you don't have to look too hard to find both on this card! ok, it's off to bed and then a lazy Sunday for me!

Simon says...

...use silver.

So I did! ha ha ha The ribbon in the background is metallic silver and the "love" is little metal tags. Here's a few more owls from my Pal too!


I figured since I wasn't doing a whole lot at the moment I had time to make another card.... so< I hopped on over tot he Mojo Monday blog to check out the sketch for the week. Here's what I saw:

I figured, "what the hey? I may as well!"

So off tot he scrap box I went. I found this HUGE bag of owls that my cousin has punched for me. when I say HUGE I mean that there are no less than a gagillion teeny tiny pieces of owls that I had to dump out all over my craft desk and sort through to find ones that went together. After assembling my little owl here, I went back to the scrap box to see what I could find to make my card out of.

I think that it turned out pretty cute, I'm rather pleased with myself. Pleased as punch you may say! ha ha ha (ok, so maybe I do need more coffee!)

Ta Ta For Now!

Bright and early!

Ok, so my friend Cassie got me up early today to go get a "Bountiful Basket." Not that 7 am is early for me... But I'm a SAHM and I like to drink coffee and be in my PJ's for a while on Saturday morning. But I digress... Here's my first Bountiful Basket:
Totally worth the $15 and getting dressed early to pick up. As Evan would say, "That's Wicked Awesome!!!" Ha ha ha!

And since I am the only one awake right now, I'm all about finishing this week's 365 card challenge. Today the word is "light." So... Come on baby light my fire!!! I absolutely love this stamp, and thanks to my Pal for the textured paper and to my SCS DSS for the flame tape!

Ok, now off to be productive. Hope you all have a great weekend!

Jammie Clark

Friday, May 27, 2011

Breezy Christmas

Yeah, I know its memorial weekend, but my Pal challenged me to make a Christmas card, and 365 challenged me to make a breezy card. So here it is:

And turn your head sideways so that you can see the inside (darn BB)

I love the way this card came out. I think it's fun to do a card within a card. I saw it somewhere and I decided that I needed to CASE that idea. So, if it was you, I CASEd you!! hahaha Sorry, I can't remember where I saw it!

It's hard to get in the Christmas card mode when it's supposed to be summer.... but it's so stinking cold outside and rainy that I don't have to search super hard to channel that wintery feeling. Maybe someday it'll be summer....MAYBE!

Jammie Clark

Super Sketchy Sunday

It seems as though I've been working in reverse all week.... hummm.... Only one solution to that.... MORE SPECIAL COFFEE!!! Oh yeah! ha ha ha
Here's the Sketch from Sunday that I'm now doing on....FRIDAY.... wowie, where has this week gone? My take on the sketch:

I love this image of the dressy girl and her GINORMOUS cupcake! I happen to collect cupcake stamps, and I'm starting to get quite the collection. LOVE them!!!

Thanks for looking, see you back soon!
Jammie Clark

Tgf Monday and friday

Yeah, yeah, yeah... so I decided to do the Monday card and Friday card all at once.... so, I'm a bit all over the map.... that's just part of my charm! ha ha ha

The farm Fresh Friday Challenge was to make a card of your favorite holiday. I really don't have any stamps that I can misconstrue as Christmas-y right now, and I didn't feel like making a Christmas card. So, although Christmas is my favorite holiday, here's a Halloween card instead. I rec'd this Image in the mail from a friend when I was one day complaining that I didn't own any Anya stamps. she has a few, so she stamped me a sample (I think she's like a "dealer" and wanted to get me addicted! ...It worked!) so that I can try cards with a couple of Anyas. OK, OK, OK... I adore her and she's now on my wish list... I'll have to branch out from my beloved Cheekies and my Creepers so get a few Anyas.

Anyways, I wanted to use this image, that's the only reason for the Halloween card. hahaha I saw the little butterfly wings and though, "Hey, Halloween card... I don't feel like Christmas right now where is that Halloween scrapbook paper I bought on clearance....hummm...???" No, Really, that's what i thought!!! hahahaha

Here's my card:

My sweet cousin Lena and I decided that never again are we letting a card leave our possession without doing the "inside" as well. So, from now on, I'm going to make attempts at some sort of matching decor when the card is opened as well. This one got a die cut sign and the rest of the spiderweb. Generally... I like it.

OK, the next challenge was Mystery Case Monday. The super duper cute card that we had to case was this:

OK, seriously? This card is so stinking adorable!!! I don't want to case it, I want to own it! What a work of art some people are able to accomplish in their card making!! The person who made this card is named Gio and you can check out her gallery on The Greeting Farm's web site.


I had to do my super duper bestest job ever on a card if i was going to CASE her cute card.... so I got to thinking..... hummm.... what can I do to make this the cutest thing I've made to date.... usually when I do that sort of thing I end up with a card that is worthy of only one thing..... the trash can! sssssooooo.... I went to the scrap pile and started just choosing random papers and I grabed the new box of flowers I got from my secret sister on SCS and came into the living room to watch TV and see what I could piece together. I found this little sentiment that My cousin Lena had sent me a long time ago that says "Count Blessings, not Calories," and that was my inspiration for the entire card!!! I CASEd the layout from the origional card, as you can tell I'm sure. Lena also sent me that super duper cute cupcake paper in the background. All in all, there are 5 layers of papers and then my image.

I sent Lena this picture and she agrees with me that it is one of my best cards ever. i feel so proud!!! She taught me literally EVERYTHING i know about card making....EVERYTHING!!! So, Thanks Pal for teaching me to make cute cards! Love you man.

OK, the thunder and lightening outside make me not want to be on my wireless Internet and fry my laptop right now, it's already on it's last leg... so I better stop rambling and patting myself on the back and post this.

Until tomorrow; Adieu.

Jammie Clark

Thursday, May 26, 2011

TGF- Sketch

So, I'm trying to catch up on all my card making, and I'm also starting to amass quite a collection of random cards. hahaha It's ok though, I just have to learn to part with some of them and send them to people! just like when I make a cake, it's super duper hard to cut it up, well... when I make a card, it's sooo hard to write in it and send it away. You never really know if people appreciate your work. hummm....

Well: this is a sketch from TGF that I needed to make a card for.... And here's my take on it:

My picture is sorta crumby. But I wanted some shadows on it so you could see the glittery paper and the textured card stock layer, and my use of 5000 pop dots for creeper Abbey. I also used a glitter pen on her jeans and shoes, but you can't tell that either. I just need a better camera I guess. The sentiment(s) say "Urban Beauty" and that is just what she is! ha ha ha Love, Love, Love my little Abbey stamp, maybe because I won her. ha ha ha

Ok, going to post more!

Jammie Clark

Cards, cards, cards!

I have been a busy little bee today catching up with the challenges over at 365 cards. this week is all about using words for inspiration... the first word is steam.Nothing better than a nice steamy hot cup of coffee... even if it is "special coffee." this is also my stab at a sympathy card.... it says "Hey! Perk up! ...'cause I said so!" ha ha ha now that's a lot of love!

The next word is "hat."

There are quite a few travel bugs in my family.... this card may find it's way to one of them. I had to run outside to take the pics of it... the sun was shining between rain showers and tons of wind. But I got the shot! Yeay!!

The next word is "cool."

(sorry this pic is sideways, but I can't get my blackberry to turn it around) How about a nice cool cocktail with a friend??? This card comes complete with recipe filled pockets. I got the idea for this from my Pal Lena ( she's so creative! She makes these super cute little cards that she puts tea bags into and gives them as little gifts.... stinking adorable.

Ok, now I have to go catch up on my TGF cards... so stay posted for those!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sparkle and shine

My cousin alerted me to the Simon says stamp challenge blog this week because of two reasons.... 1) I love sparkly shiny things on my cards, and 2) they are giving away a $50 gift card!!!!! So, of course, I had to play along! Here's a cute little guy from sparkle creations on some super glittery paper and I just got these uber sparkly letter stickers from my secret sister at SCS. Wish me luck!!!!

Jammie Clark


Over at it is sparkle creations week! I'm sooo excited. Although I used a bella on this card... I just had to play on their challenge..... the challenge was to use the word "ruffles" for inspiration!!!

Ok, so I'm a smart ass.... I know they meant like ribbons and lace and ruffles... but the first thing I thought of was ....CHIPS!!!!! and what goes better with chips than cocktails?!?!?!? hahaha Maybe I dad too much "special coffee" today....hummm....NNNnnnnaaaaaahhhh!!!

Here's my card:

The sentiment says "All you need in life is a friend who has chips and cocktails... I am that friend!" I could it appropriate. Great, bright and cheery, card to send a friend for a pick me up..... ok... Another card tomorrow... wish me luck!

Jammie Clark

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sometimes, I like to Sparkle!

Every once in a while I hop on over to the Sparkle creations blog to see what's happening over there. The challenge this week was to use a flower on your card. I did just that.
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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Long time...

Hello all, I know it's been a long time, so here I am to catch you up on the happenings. I have been going to the gym twice a week and still trying to run outside once a week. I even joined a yoga/pilates/tai chi class at the gym!

It's challenging and fun and I totally love it. I'm not too sure if it's really doing too much to my workout, but I can feel my muscles working and I love the stretching, so I'm going to keep on with it! I feel like the loser in the back who has no idea what they are doing, but hey, there's one in every class.... so why not let that be me?

I have been super busy with bakery stuff doing cupcake orders, a castle cake, and a curious George cake. If you'd like to see my latest work, hop on over to my web site at

I'm also planning a BBQ for the HOA that I'm in.

It's a lot of work, but it's going to be fun! We are even having a mini golf tournament too!

I hope it all comes together in the end. I only have one week to get everything finished!!

I have been crafting a bit, making a few cards with my Pal, Lena. Check out her awesome blog at Her cards are AMAZING! And we have lots of fun long distance crafting together via BlackBerry! hahaha I am going to California to visit her in about 2 weeks, so we can actually card and craft TOGETHER for once!

I believe we will be haunting some of our old hang outs and having a commemorative cup of ....WATER! hahaha Ok, inside joke, sorry, but I had to do it!

OK, I must get to work, talk to you all later!

Friday, May 6, 2011


Yeay! It's Friday! I have quite a busy day today too. I have 2 gift basket orders due, and I have a cupcake order, and 2 cakes (I just need to start making the decorations for the cakes)! How exciting. I love it when I have lots of things to do.

I haven't been to the gym lately, so that's a big bummer... so I'm going to try to get in a walk or a jog today at some point. I really need to get back on my cardio regimen. The weather looks pretty nice outside today, so I'm going to try to make it a point to get outside to do my walk/run today, that should make me more motivated. I love being outside to run, then I'm not like a hamster on a wheel, just going around in circles on the track in the gym.

Evan passed his swim class last night! Yeay for him. Although you are supposed to be 6 to move on to the level one class (from the preschool class), his instructor said that he has the skills to move up a level! I'm so proud of him. I am going to take him to the pool for a fun day today or tomorrow. Just let him play in the water and have fun... it's a good way for me to sneak in a little exercise too.

I guess there's not too much else to report here. My diet has totally taken a nose dive, so I need to make sure I get that in check today. I started the day off with a banana and a dark chocolate chip cookie, with a cup of coffee. I was thinking that the banana and the cookie cancel each other out.... right? Ha ha ha So I'm going to try to make sure and have a healthy lunch, and snack and then salad or something lighter for dinner. I hope my good intentions work out for me.

I think my problem is that I love food so much. I love cooking, and tasting, and trying new recipes. I love food!!! Ha ha ha I just need to continue to try and find more healthy things to cook.

Ok enough for today. See you all soon.

Don't forget to hop on over to my new facebook page and enter the contest for Think Cake Bakery!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Horrible Diet Day!!! Grrrr....

So, today was field trip day. We went to:

...with Evan's preschool class. He had a wonderful time. He ran wild with the rest of the kids in his class and we totally enjoyed the sunny weather. It was a bit chilly, but sunny, so I'm not complaining too much.

Needless to say, I didn't work out today since we walked through the zoo and the mall... and since we were at the mall and Evan was "so hungry momma," Guess where we went for lunch??? Yup. And since I was starving too... I had a burger and some fries. HORRIBLE!!!! Oh why do I have to cave in the face of temptation?!?!?! Grrrr..... Oh well... we all are allowed a cheat day right???? Well today was mine. So I had a veggie burger for dinner, not too shabby. But since I deemed this a cheat day... I had a half a piece of cheesecake for dessert. Now I'm not one for too many sweets, but really, cheesecake is fantastic! this one was lemon raspberry and those are two of my most favorite things in the whole wide world!!!! Delish.

Needless to say, tomorrow I have to go for a run... for like miles... and twice! hahahah tomorrow is cinco de Mayo too... that means taco night! So I'm going to have to use self control and really watch my portion size. Wish me luck on that.

On to bakery items:

This is a gift basket and a birthday cake that I made this week. the gift basket has 4 dozen cookies in it... and I'm proud to say, I only ate 2 cookies. Yup, that's it. and there's still some in the house, but I have no desire for them what so ever.

When I got the order for the cupcakes... it was like this: Red Velvet cupcakes, favorite color is green. I was thinking to myself; oh man, how can I do this and not have it come out looking like Christmas???? So, I went for my Cheekie Rockabilly and I think it all came out right in the end! hahaha Yeay!

And last, but not least, here's that wedding cake I've been talking about:

I think it came out rather nicely. the bride was ecstatic and totally loved the cake! that makes me super duper happy!!! Nothing better than a very pleased client.

Ok, my husband is not feeling so well, so I better go tend to him. I just wanted to get these things posted. Thanks for reading. talk to you all soon!

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